Our Story

For over thirty years, John Siemering Homes has been bringing dream homes to life in the Austin area. JSH has a passion for each build to represent the unique ways you want to do life and what is important to you.

Where does this passion come from? John says he’s always known building was his divine mission. He has come a long way from driving nails into barn walls at the family farm in Maxwell, Texas. Yet, you will still experience the same hands-on enthusiasm and personal attention with every build.

Since our first custom home in 1991, we’ve valued our relationships. From clients to contractors, you would be hard-pressed to find a negative comment about JSH. We live by mutual honor and trust in working together to create the best homes possible for you. When you work with a builder you can trust, the process is enjoyable and the end result is a home better than you could have imagined.

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Your Dream Team

John Siemering
John Siemering
Colby Siemering
Colby Siemering
Sales & Marketing
Jackson Siemering
Jackson Siemering
Project Manager
Karson Siemering
Karson Siemering
Assistant Project Manager
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The principles that guide us to make your experience great.

Our word is our currency

John is known throughout the industry as a man of his word, and he insists that his company follow that example. We even provide references from banks, vendors, insurers, and customers, allowing you to discover for yourself the rock-solid reputation we have built throughout this community. If we say it - it will happen.

We raise the bar with each build

John’s approach to building is reflected in his constant effort to improve each home, from designing details that will make the home more livable, to finding ways to save money for his clients. His personal involvement in each project is empowered by an earnest drive to build a home he would be proud to have his family live in.

We keep our reputation through integrity

When you build with John Siemering Homes, we are accountable for each phase of the process. If it bears John Siemering’s name, we make sure that it lives up to our high standards and yours as well as the sterling reputation we have tirelessly built over the last 30 years.

Relationships come before transactions

We aren’t in business for what we can get out of you. Instead, we believe in connection and helping others navigate from where they are to where they want to be. This applies to every level of employee, contractor, and client alike.

John Simering Homes leadership group of people in front of one of JSH's gorgeous custom home

“My greatest desire as a homebuilder is for my clients to enjoy the process and the experience of building their custom home, as much as they enjoy the home I build.”

John Siemering

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